What's The Problem ?

3,999 More Houses

In 2019 Chichester District Council wanted 1,933 houses built on the Manhood Peninsula by 2035. Now in 2020 that number has increased to 3,999!

The Government White Paper - Planning for the Future - August 2020 has a centralised algorithm to allocate the number of houses to be built across the country. Build, build, build is the slogan - potentially another 11,200 houses across Chichester District.

Currently about 25,000 people live on the Manhood Peninsula. In the summer this figure doubles.

We believe that building houses on the Manhood Peninsula is wrong. Not because we are NIMBY’s but because the sewage and road infrastructure can’t cope right now with the existing housing. There are no jobs, the schools are full and sea levels are rising.

We need to protect the Manhood Peninsula, not cover it with concrete. It is a flood plain for Chichester and the South Downs, it hosts wonderful bird life and is a tourist destination for those wishing to enjoy the sea, the harbours and the land


There are two roads to access the Peninsula from the A27. The A286 from Donnington to Birdham and the B2145 from the A27 to Selsey. The B2145 is joined by the B2166 from Pagham at Hunston.

1,200 houses are being built in Pagham, which will increase the B2166 traffic dramatically. Plus, another possible 4,000 houses in North Bognor

Hot summer weekends can result in grid lock. Rush hour traffic is always queued.

The A27 continues to be a major problem for the Peninsula, and until a solution is found, will heap more misery on the Manhood Peninsula residents.

SO 1,933 more houses means a minimum of 3,866 more cars. The current roads cannot cope with that amount of traffic.


That number of cars will mean that the air pollution will increase to dangerous, illegal levels.

Building houses increase the discharge of nitrates into Pagham and Chichester Harbours. Natural England have already asked for a further review. Hampshire councils have stopped all new building while they review guidance from Natural England to build nitrate neutral houses.


Southern Water have been fined £90 million for unlawful discharges into rivers and seas.

Chichester Harbour had sewage discharges on 15 January at Bosham

Thornham Treatment Works serving

Currently North Mundham and Hunston are served by Southern Water Pagham Treatment Centre, which had 55 chemically foul discharges last year. Pagham Treatment Centre is at maximum capacity and cannot treat nitrates. Sidlesham Treatment Centre discharges into the Bremere Rife and into Pagham Harbour. Natural England should be analysing the water quality in Pagham Harbour in 2022.

Climate Change

A 1.5 degree Celsius rise in temperature would mean a 35.5 mm per year sea level rise, or 2.9 metres in a lifetime.

The Manhood Peninsula is already at risk of flooding, climate change increases that risk. Building more houses in an area so threatened, would be irresponsible.

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?