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Campaigning to protect the Manhood Peninsula from over development

Please can you help?

Over the last two years the Manhood Peninsula Action Group (MPAG) has been campaigning to protect the Manhood Peninsula from over-development. With no Local Plan, we are very vulnerable and we see more and more housing applications being submitted - we are now up to 1,000 more houses in the planning system.

We have been campaigning successfully on a shoestring and, with the help of a few and thanks to their generosity, we have so far set up a website, printed flyers and banners and more as we continue to make the case for no more houses on the Peninsula. With funds we could improve our website, commission videos and campaign more effectively.

In addition, we anticipate we may need to raise substantial funds to afford legal advice to challenge Chichester District Council’s Local Plan, when it is finally produced, if it promotes more development on the Peninsula and the Harbour Villages. If good things happen and the money is not needed, we will distribute it to local environmental charities.

How do you contribute?

We have set up a fiscal hosting site to raise funds for our work. Do have a look, it is simple and easy to use. Just click on the link:

All contributions will be very gratefully received to help us to continue to fight for what we all know is best for the Manhood - No More Houses.

Our sincere thanks

Joan Foster and the MPAG team

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?