About Us

We are all residents of the Manhood Peninsula

Joan Foster, Chair, brought together all eleven parishes on the Manhood Peninsula to protest to the Chichester MP, Gillian Keegan, about the housing allocation in the Chichester Local Plan Review 2016 - 2035. This was for 1,933 houses on the Peninsula by 2035.

A jointly agreed (by all eleven parishes) letter was sent on 8 May 2019. An email reply was received on 6 June 2019. A further letter was sent on 19 June 2019, agreed by eight of the eleven parishes. An email reply was received on 14 August 2019. A further email was sent on 20 August 2019.

It became clear that working together at some speed was not possible for parish councils. Accordingly, the group changed its name from the Manhood Parishes Action Group to the Manhood Peninsula Action Group - still MPAG.

The Manhood Peninsula Action Group is a community action group made up of residents from all over the Peninsula.

The unanimously elected committee is as follows:

Joan Foster (Chair) - Hunston

Paul Bedford - Sidlesham

David Betts - Hunston

Rachel Glover - Birdham

Louise Goldsmith - Itchenor

David Maclean - North Mundham

Keith Martin - Earnley

Julie Sabin – Hunston

Ian Sumnall - Birdham

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?