We are the Manhood Peninsula Action Group (MPAG) formed in 2021 to protect the Manhood Peninsula. It is a unique triangle of land south of Chichester, surrounded by Chichester Harbour to the west, Pagham Harbour to the east and Selsey Bill to the south.

The road infrastructure has limited access on the A286 and B2145, the only two roads to access the Peninsula. Roads are inadequate, with limited safe cycle routes. The Chichester by-pass A27 to the north, which all residents have to cross or join to leave the Peninsula, is regularly grid-locked.

Sewage Systems are unable to cope at present, with regular discharges into the harbours and sea of untreated sewage. Increased housing with no change in Southern Water’s infrastructure will only lead to more problems.

We believe that no more house building on the Peninsula is essential. We applaud Chichester District Council’s Draft Local Plan, which says exactly that. However, until the Plan is approved, we are still at threat as are our friends in the East/West Corridor along the A259, where more housing is planned.

We want to ensure that the Manhood Peninsula maintains its rural nature and does not become covered in housing, to build a green environment for the future.

Boundary Commission Review

We were all aghast at the original proposal to divide the Manhood Peninsula between two Constituencies, Chichester and Bognor Regis and Littlehampton. MPAG made strong representations to the Electoral Commission to preserve the Manhood’s identity. Our thanks to all those who made their views known and in particular Donna Johnson and other Manhood Councillors who made representations. We had success with a revised recommendation putting the whole of the Manhood Peninsula in the Chichester Constituency.

We are delighted to inform you that the Boundary Commission Review Results were published on 28 June and we have been successful! The Manhood Peninsula stays intact in the Chichester Constituency.

While we are apolitical, we need to mention there was a change of administration at Chichester District Council in the May 2023 elections – we wish all Councillors well in their term of office.

Chichester District Council (CDC) Draft Local Plan

After much campaigning we were pleased to see Chichester District Council’s Draft Local Plan has finally been produced and even more pleased to see that there are no more houses allocated for the Manhood Peninsula other than what has been agreed for the period of the new plan when adopted. The Plan is being finalised by CDC before submission to the Government Inspector.

However, it is not all good news, the planning application for 150 houses on land off Main Road, Birdham (opposite the Birdham Stores) is going for appeal for non-determination. The application number is: 21/01830/OUT

We have much sympathy for the Chichester East/West corridor who have taken the main allocation of houses in the Draft Local Plan as the fundamental argument of the allocation of houses in Chichester is far too many for the available land in the district. We will continue to support our friends in the East/West corridor.

The consultation on the Draft Local Plan was challenging to say the least, complex and difficult to access through the portal. MPAG along with others, submitted their views separately by email and are pleased that CDC listened and, in the end, accepted representations via email – a victory for common sense.

More Planning Applications

Sadly, there is worse news. Barrett Homes have just lodged an application for access only (at this stage) into another green field in Church Road, East Wittering (22/02235/OUT). The application is for 45 houses but is part of a far larger project totalling 280 houses. View the application here.

In addition, an application for Charmans Field, Marsh Lane, Runcton – 22/02191/OUT for 94 houses has been submitted. This is agricultural land on the B2166, south of North Mundham, joining the B2145 at Hunston. With 1,200 houses proposed in Pagham, this road will be gridlocked.

Water Quality/Sewage

This has been a focus for MPAG for the last couple of years. Southern Water has now produced a Consultation on Storm Overflows Discharge Reduction Plan, which closed on 24 July 2023, which is a first step, but we all know there is a long way to go.

Southern Water has prepared: “the first Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan (DWMP) for the Arun and Western Streams River Basin Catchment”. This area includes the Manhood Peninsula.

This has been published following consultation in 2022. View their statement of response. This highlights the inadequacies of Sidlesham and Pagham Treatment works amongst others.

Our experts continue to prepare responses on behalf of MPAG for which we are extremely grateful.

We thank all the pressure groups who are keeping Southern Water under close scrutiny.

Flooding on the Manhood Peninsula

Evidence that the drainage system can’t cope







New Hospital

25 May

New Teachers

03 June

Water Wells

14 April

New Vaccines




Don’t miss all the information on the successful March for Manhood and the Harbour Villages held on 29 January 2022

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650 residents marched, carrying a multitude of banners. The message was clear:

Click here to view the final letter to Michael Gove, delivered on 16 February 2022.

Report on March for Manhood in the Guardian

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March for Manhood
  • Government needs to change its housing algorithm as this area is full.
  • Southern Water needs to clean up its act to stop further degradation of
  • Chichester and Pagham Harbours.
  • Chichester District Council needs to accept that the A27 is at gridlock. Tinkering with the roundabouts, with no right turns from the south, will result in Chichester being at gridlock as well.
  • Climate change means sea levels are rising. The Manhood Peninsula needs protection and conservation as a flood plain serving the South Downs.






This is what we are protecting

Photographs with text reproduced with the kind permission of Iain McGowan, taken from two of his beautiful books: 'Moods of Sussex' and 'Portrait of the Sussex Coast'. Further photos by Joan Foster and Riach Ryder



What's the problem?

In 2019 Chichester District Council wanted 1,933 houses built on the Manhood Peninsula by 2035. Now in 2022 that number has increased to 3,999!


The Government White Paper - Planning for the Future - August 2020 has a centralised algorithm to allocate the number of houses to be built across the country. Chichester can only build on 30% of the district, but the algorithm is for 100%


Currently about 25,000 people live on the Manhood Peninsula. In the summer this figure doubles.


Build, build, build is the slogan - potentially another 11,200 houses across Chichester District.



Over the last two years the Manhood Peninsula Action Group (MPAG) has been campaigning to protect the Manhood Peninsula from over-development. With no Local Plan, we are very vulnerable and we see more and more housing applications being submitted. Until Chichester District Council has a Local Plan now due in 2023 (was due in 2019), we have no protection from developers.

Manhood Peninsula Action Group

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?

How can you support the Manhood Peninsula Action Group?